BandCamp #BareBackSleeping

It’s been a while, and it’s been a long and tedious while. The closer it gets to Christmas the more cynical and grumpy I get. I’m not the most traditional seasonal lover, so I don’t care for the early Christmas crap in the middle of November, let alone early December. And no, take your moustache and stick it in the ass of an incontinent honey badger. Have some music instead. Good god damn music, and these days it’s pretty hard to come by on BandCamp, hence the decade it’s been since I provided you with some non shit-acki mushroom tunes to drink yourself to sleep to. So I slept on the floor with all this stuff on random (I had a nasty case of bad back). First up, the artist that started and stopped me drinking this evening.

Katie Kuffel – Porcelain Stain – Acoustic/Alternative

A little Jazz to wash the whiskey down

A little Jazz to wash the whiskey down

Needless to say I was not in the greatest of moods, most of the week in fact, but for some abnormal reason I decided to check BandCamp’s endless lists of shite for something to listen to. Over the last month I’ve found a number of great songs, mostly of a similar genre bar one (METAL THAT DOESN’T SUCK! MIRACLE!). Then I listened to the first song provided, Porcelain Stain. I then proceeded to lay on the floor and let the song send me to sleep (in the good kind of way). I didn’t sleep, but I felt the words, and everything within the song. By far the greatest song on the album, however the first three songs are almost as amazing. The ones that follow Porcelain Stain are nowhere near as inspirational as the rest, they are however a little schizophrenic in terms of similarity. They all seem incredibly theatrical in fact, with some pretty quirky(and sometimes wrong?) chord combinations, one of them in fact does have “Circus” in brackets, so I guess it’s fitting. I listened and listened to this song over and over, and it even made me want to write this post a hell of a lot more now I had something to start off with that was more than just a little above average.

Did I buy it? – Pay what you like, I bought the album, 4/6 songs were entirely worth the purchase.

Chain Reaction – My Abstinence – Rock/Metal

Took far too long to find. I didn't even find it.

Took far too long to find. I didn’t even find it.

So I was moaning to my friend that I hated most of the music I had, we came to the conclusion we just discovered too many of the awesome bands early in our life, then he sent me a YouTube link to the entire album of this band. The song he actually sent was Deadly Embrace, which in itself is a great song. I decided to listen to the whole damn thing and found that My Abstinence is one I keep coming back to when I’m on my morning walk to work. Despite searching the regular shops for this album, it turns out they’re not that well known (here at least), and lo and behold, they are a BandCamp band. Both me and my friend decided they were worth buying so we could listen to the songs individually and in half decent quality. The vocals are fairly matured, there is the occasional scream-ish vocals but they don’t take away from the overall quality. As a matter of fact the very end of My Abstinence has an amazing acoustic portion which sold it to me and sealed the deal. I’ve been listening to them for weeks now, and they have refreshed my brain from listening to all the usual crap, and sometimes having to resort to listening to Hocus Pocus by Focus. Thank god for that.

Did I buy it? – both me and my friend saw it as a worthy band to shower cash upon, so if you’re looking for semi-nu-metal, without the pre adolescent failure, you should hit them up.

Nate Miller – Room – Alternative

A little rustic, two hit wonder

A little rustic, two hit wonder

So the original song I was reeled in with was Love to Change, which is a pretty great song, and for that reason alone I bought that song as a single. Then I listened to the whole album and it just didn’t give me the feels I needed to buy it. Then Room came up and was all over me like herpes on a crack whore. I don’t know a great deal of background about these guys, but they mix some nice instrumental in with the rather well refined vocals, and some incredibly emotional and driven lyrics (seriously, don’t play this at a funeral). Those two songs were enough for me, but I fear you will be disappointed if you’re in hope that the rest of the album follows suit. Sadly it doesn’t and I thought it sucked just a few ounces. Listen at your own risk, don’t blame me if it’s been a bad day and you’re all covered in eye juices.

Did I buy it? – Just the two songs for a buck each, the rest certainly weren’t to my tastes, but these two, man. They blew the grumpy right out of my mind.

Ez Stone – Old Man Soul – Acoustic

McRae cross Mumford cross Elbow. Unfortunate child.

McRae cross Mumford cross Elbow. Unfortunate child.

I probably clicked on this album by chance, because it slightly reminded me of Thom Yorke’s album from a few years back, only in black and white. If anything that was a reason not to click on it after my experience with that album, but oh well, turned out to be a not so bad accident due to coincidence. A generic acoustic quality litters this album, the first three songs are fantastic, Old Man Soul being my favourite of the three. What’s that you say? There’s five songs on this album? To me there are only three, as the last two were less than ideal for listening because they smelled exceedingly generic “I am a sad male guitarist writing sad songs because it worked for lots of people before me”. Yes, because they were actually SAD AND DEPRESSED OLD MEN (see; Tom McRae). I’ll give it to the guy (oooooh he’s a Brit, did I forget to mention that awesome fact?), he certainly knows his ways around a G-string (on guitar, you sick-o), and does not spare you the formalities before unleashing some Jose Gonzalez style acoustics along with his exceedingly British voice. I’ve never been an avid fan of singing like a Londoner (Pronouned “Lan-dan-uh”), because then when you hear them talk in real life, they’re actually rather eloquent and posh. Only Nick Mulvey can get away with this madness because he actually talks like a gaffer. Accent’s aside, the songs are thought provoking, and the lyrics are just wickedly written. He entwines his stanzas in a weird kind of way that just works, and makes him a little more unique than the likes of Darius (that infernal douche from that TV show one time that nobody cares about).

Did I buy it? – Yessir, the few songs I liked on such a small album were entirely worth the purchase, and if you’re a fan of Nick Mulvey, I strongly recommend listening to this. If you’re not a fan of Nick Mulvey, you should probably look him up!

I’m not doing this daily any more, BandCamp is a depressing place once you get past page 50 (yes I actually got that far this time), but I’ll throw things down as and when they slap me in the face, which does not happen particularly often.

RCoon – Your personal Shit Seive.

BandCamp #RecentSuccess

It’s the start of the holidays where I work(I still have to work /sadface), so now’s the time when I get real busy. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, including a last minute organised birthday, so I’m going to leave you with some of the greatest tracks I’ve listened to so far these last 2 weeks.

July Talk







RCoon – your personal Shit Sieve

BandCamp #DeviotionalGenre

So apparently this genre exists. I’m not even going to attempt to get into it, or have a listen, in case I get drowned by songs of praise or some such. Probably a section better left to those who are immediately aware of it. Admittedly I wasn’t looking forward to this round of reviews, after an extremely dire evening yesterday, desperately clawing at the bottom of the barrel. That’s how it felt at least, but I came back with a view that if I simply jumped on the newly released area, I might find something I had missed before. There have been a few interesting ones so far, The Diamond Light for example, had a great song called Submissive skull, but the rest of the album was a slight bit lackluster. But I fought through it.

Alternative – Laura Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk – Lost Myself

Laura Mann & Mumford?

Laura Mann & Mumford?

I admittedly surprised myself when I initially compared these guys to Mumford & Sons, but the first track I listened to genuinely sounded like something from them, with the alternative female vocals. I enjoyed Lost Myself, and then skipped over to Fragile, which is the second track to the apparent bonus track Traveller’s Anthem(I swear they go at the end, unless you’re alternative). They were all very interesting songs, with the added factor of the alternative string instruments, and rather upbeat everything. Lost Myself began with some pretty cliché vocals which irritated me somewhat, but every other song kept at least a little dignity with some half decent lyrics. The whole album is very “Well the world sucks, but oh well” attitude, which is good at times, but there is a small portion of the album I just cant get behind. Some of the songs are pretty mmmmmmeh, and I just skipped them because they weren’t in the least bit interesting, or entertaining for that matter. Maybe I’m just trying to compare them too much, because they separate themselves from other artists extremely well.

Did I buy it? – The album is Pay what you Like, but I didn’t want the whole album, and I felt bad for paying $1 for an entire album when I only wanted two songs. Out of the sheer principal, I didn’t buy, I wanted to buy two songs separately please!

Acoustic – Andrew Conway – Greed

At last, Male acoustic that isn't bad

At last, Male acoustic that isn’t bad

So this album is pretty raw and sounds extremely live. That being said, the quality of the songs despite being in such a fresh format(This album came out today!) is simply great. I’ve finally found myself a male acoustic vocalist I can listen to. Again, this fella is from Ireland(like my favoured artist Mr Hozier), and does us proud! The album art looks a bit wonky and amateur but the sound within is great. I love the pronounced hum of the guitar the whole way throughout each and every song, and it’s literally filled with good old fashioned quality music from a fresh artist. One thing I did notice was that the guitar is a little quiet in a few of the songs, which is a little disappointing, as it’s one of his primary attributes. It seems to sort itself after Biscuit Tin Bomb(oh how very oldschool Irish…). Each song is pretty short, but I don’t mind, he doesn’t overdo the songs just because he wants to fill a little less than four minutes. This is the kind of guy I’d like to see live in a small establishment of a few dozen people. I’d much rather hear his guitar and voice close up than over some speakers. Mayhap people have had the chance, and I certainly envy them.

Did I buy it? – Pay what you Like. Worth it! If you’re into McPhearson, you’ll being into Andrew Conway.

Rock – Romulus – Never Coming Back to You

Imagine this, but heavier?

Imagine this, but heavier?

I listened to the guitar, and begged for some Metallica-like vocals. While I didn’t get them, I enjoyed what came. There were parts when there was a build up to the chorus and I begged for Romulus to get heavy, just a little heavy, just for me. They don’t get overly heavy, but my god is this song catchy. I accidentally listened to most of their album by pressing play and then carried on sifting through some interesting looking album covers for who to try next. Little did I know my brain was confusing itself, while my eyes were begging me to stop looking, open a tin of beer and call it a night. Good job I’m a man, and don’t listen to my eyes(well that may not be entirely true). When I finally stopped and listened to the rest of the album, it was a bunch of half assed tracks, that literally held no bearing as to where they went wrong. Never Coming Back to You is a fantastic song, every single other song(there’s only five in total) was a bit broken and just mess. I was incredibly disappointed, but I liked this song so much it was worth a mention. I was just so incredibly disappointed, I wanted the rest of the album to be just like that song, with it’s almost heavy riff lines and reasonably good male vocals.

Did I buy it? – I did not, even though I liked that one song so much, I decided to boycott giving them any money, because the rest of the songs were just awful in comparison. Next time make a single, or make an album with at least some continuity in the songs?

Rock – The Diamond Light – Submissive Skull

Best Worst One hit Wonder

Best Worst One hit Wonder

I hate the fact I added these guys in. I hate their whole album. But Submissive Skull got played 7 times in the last 2 hours. I literally kept going back because the song was just great, the guitar was mellow, and the vocals were just, THEY JUST WORKED. I listened to it once and liked it, then considered reviewing the album, then immediately back-pedalled because the other songs were just plain bad. Then they appeared again under some other section, and I pressed play because they gave me a nice break from looking through albums all by the same band that involved shemales. That’s right, I’m not kidding, look them up. In fact don’t do that, the album covers are vile and the music is terrible. Just do what I did and go back to this band despite your stubbornness and listen to this damned song again. Even now I’ve just skipped into the first minute of every single track on the album, just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Nope. They’re still terrible. How did these guys make such a catchy song and then fail so colossally afterwards? I can’t answer that question, I’m just going to listen to this song and pretend it’s a single. Best, single they ever released in fact.

Did I buy it? – Pay what you Like, this single(album) was well worth $1 for that singular song within said single. I hope never to listen to any of their other music again unless it’s like this this. Maybe release another single?

So note to self, when looking in the newly released section, expect chicks with dicks. That sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Sometimes I wonder what possesses these people into releasing media and claiming themselves to be artists. I suppose they got noticed. Needless to say, the Alternative genre is a lot more alternative than I once thought.

RCoon – your personal Shit Sieve

BandCamp #LearnYourOwnGenre

After getting robbed consensually today on the street, I go home to find people have been robbed of their common sense. Somebody sack the admin, please, where does pure acoustic fit into the Rock category? Not even a hint of Rock to be seen on that album I-Don’t-Remember-because-it-was-crap. Don’t put the choice of genre to the bands, leave their artistic minds to the things they do best, not categorisation or compartmentalising. Get somebody else to listen to the first 10 seconds of every track on the album(for some albums that’s about 40 seconds), and then sort them into their category. Makes my life hard otherwise.

Acoustic – Haley Klinkhammer – Speaking My Mind

Little less than generic

Little less than generic

It’s been a depressing few hundred album previews, but I have since discovered I’ve become more partial to the female singers of the acoustic section, mainly because all the male singers avec guitar all sing the same old shit from a thesaurus. Same old boring voices, either spoken or desperately strained. Women seem to do it better. As for this artist, I laughed a little when I saw her name, and then listened to a bit of the album and all was forgotten. It’s not as original as some of the other artists, but it’s been produced well, without poor sound quality in the background. In fact, these songs actually have backing tracks that have been made properly(The HORROR!). She isn’t half bad, though not entirely the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Fortunately for her, she’s surrounded by the god awful wanna-be’s and they make her look like a pro. Funnily enough, if you listen to the first 8 strums of the guitar at the start of every song, bar a couple, the strum pattern is essentially identical, with a mere change in chord. I found that funny, and then funny turned into irritation. Originality, please.

Did I buy it? – Nope. One or two songs I enjoyed a little, but the rest of the album was a little too samey for my liking, and bored me a little bit. That being said, if you’re looking for somebody who’s capable of writing acoustic music, she’s one to go straight for, because otherwise you may be looking for a while.

Rock – July Talk – The Garden

What is this? I want to know!

What is this? I want to know!

I heard the lonely vocals of those first few lines. I heard that key change down the guitar. I heard something incredibly strange, and I liked it. I want to know what the hell this is(somebody oh god please tell me). The male vocals are some kind of tribute to Motorhead, and the female vocals are just, well, female vocals. I was intrigued from the first second, and remained so until the bitter end of this song. It. Is. Awesome. Mega original, if ever there was an original kind of something, this would be it. The guitar was actually kind of awesome, and the occasional drop ins from the male vocals was just perfectly timed for… whatever it was for, it worked. The whole album is like this, and it’s literal madness. I’ve been jumping between tracks and they’re all incredible. I believe this should be in the alternative section(somebody needs to seriously make me the genre admin(in fact no, that means I’ll have to listen to folk, and it’s apt to find itself perma-deleted)). Such a great artist on the whole, and I loved listening to the craziness of the entire album. Everybody needs to listen to July Talk, if at the very least to make their friends listen to the infectious quirkiness of the whole damn this. If you find a way to describe these guys, I’d love to hear it.

Did I buy it? – Yep. I don’t even know why. I think I was secretly hypnotised by the chorus in Guns & Ammunition. “Baldy shakes”, what kind of lyric is that? Oh well, where’d that $9 go? You mean they’re already in my collection 273 times already?

Rock – Dark Furs – Concrete Corners

Wait what? What's that California?

Wait what? What’s that California?

If their location hadn’t have been written down I would have almost instantly considered them to be from the UK. These vocals sure are confusing. The first song I heard had me pretty hooked. They’ve got a nice way of squelching things together in this particular song, and I could swear to god they went out of tune like 5 times. Then I carried on listening and it kind of made sense. All the rest of the songs are equally bipolar and make literally no sense. The whole thing however is mesmerising and I wanted to hear more like Concrete Corners. Won’t See Me was equally disturbing, I imagine if Tom McRae was female and incredibly tired, this is probably what he’d sound like. Slurring all those words in a lazy fashion, she may as well be drunk while composing all of this “stuff”, that’s all I can think of to describe it. I must say, the whole album is ingeniously written, and it was great fun to listen to. Not quite as crazy as July Talk, but ridden with quality aspects.

Did I buy it? – Pay what you Like = Yes thank you kindly Sai. I’ll take it. If you are questioning your sanity, I would gladly recommend them. Don’t worry, they didn’t go out of tune, that was just your brain, thinking they did. See a doctor.

Rock(Instrumental) – Break of Reality – Spectrum of the Sky

Unexpected Classical

Unexpected Classical

A long time ago, I used to spend my days listening to none other than Apocalyptica, a band comprised solely of four cellos making rock and metal on their classical instruments. To this day they are incredibly famous, and nobody could come close to matching such amazing classical composition for the genre. While I swear by my left hand(It’s OK I don’t need it anyway) they stole their album cover art, they certainly did not steal anything else therein. The songs are obviously purely instrumental, as you’ll find with most cello bands, the cellos do most of the singing, and they do it well. Break of Reality is no exception. They do some rather unorthodox things with their cellos to give some incredibly emotive sounds, like that of a palm mute on guitar, but arguably more awesome, as it builds the tension of the bridges in each track with precise awesomeness. As heavy as a cello can possibly sound, some of the tracks are indeed of that ilk. Che being one of them, with some drums going on in the background, with some incredibly delayed power-chord-esque riffs going on for the main body of the song. Each song has several bridges to look forward to, and then a reliably catchy chorus on each.

Did I buy it? – Shiny cellos and some amazing classical music in the rock form. If you’re a fan of Apocalyptica or similar, buy it. If you’re a classical musician and want to make something a little heavy, then please do buy and draw inspiration. Thankfully for me, this album is cheaper than a cello, $9.99 is asking a bit much I think, but I suppose value is in the eye of the beholder, and to me, they hold a good sum.

It seems I’ve spent most of my time in the Rock section, as it offered the most interest this evening. If anybody has any suggestions for bands I should listen to and review on BandCamp, that they believe is suitably sifted out of the shit pile, do message them in.

RCoon – your personal Shit Sieve

BandCamp #BadGenericFolk

Today I made the mistake of clicking on an album with a good name, a good band name, and a good album cover. I was then flooded with screechy violin and intense musical madness, when I had inadvertently clicked on my first Folk genre track. Don’t do that. It’s not worth it. You have so much more of a life to live, you owe it to yourself. Good folk music is found in pubs and small off-the-street establishments, evidently NOT BandCamp. I freshened myself up, took a few things to relieve my shock (sugary tea was recommended), and strode on towards the random selection of music, as that seemed far easier to pluck some good music from. Then I found a rather young artist that surprised me with some exceedingly short and raw tracks. First up…


Acoustic – Valiance – The Adventurer

Maybe more money would make the tracks longer?

Maybe more money would make the tracks longer?

The Adventurer was my first track, and as I left it playing in the background while I collected my thoughts, I found myself growing into the music, then when I finally came back to take a closer listen the track was already finished. Clearly a young and newcomer to the scene (this album was only released yesterday), she’s done well to record some pretty great music. I won’t go on about how it’s top notch quality song writing, or incredibly complex and detailed song composition, because it isn’t. As a matter of fact it’s incredibly basic and you can hear the background noise in the album recording. But I came back to listen, and was more than impressed with the performance. The album is a little difficult to listen to over long periods of time, but some of the songs are mellow enough to calm the soul. Maybe in a few years, with such a voice and some more interesting riffs and backing, the music might be on a level close to that of New Born, but not yet. I want to hear this artist grow into something professional, and certainly hope it goes that far.

Did I buy it? – No sir, while raw and mellow, it was a little too raw, and pretty hard to listen to after the first two tracks, but I certainly hope she get’s the support to make something more polished in future.


Rock – ARIA – Abandon


Smells like post-teen Rock

Smells like post-teen Rock

It took me far to long to find these guys, but I was more than glad when I did. I searched long and hard for a Rock group that had a little experience under their belt, with a good structure and some vocals I could get behind. ARIA doesn’t disappoint in either area. Some could say the vocals are very Paramore-esque but if anything it does them justice. The chorus is one of the more catchy kinds, and I’m personally not a listener of Paramore, but I’d be more than happy to play the Abandon album in my future car I might own if I weren’t so lazy(and didnt spend money on all these albums). They start dabbling in electronic synth at one point in The Gambler, very briefly enough to not quite make sense, but the rest of the song is exceptionally well produced. I’m not an overt fan of the song On My Own, but then I jumped right onto You Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It and was again falling in love with a solid chorus base-line. They certainly know how to make some quality Rock music, but I couldn’t help but feel there was just a little something lacking in the whole album, almost as if the voice lacked a little bass somehow. That’s just me and the weird way my brain works. All these different genre’s in so few hours can dilute how you listen to things. Maybe I was just glad I forgot how that Folk intro had melted my synapses.

Did I buy it? – Admittedly I got halfway to paying for the album, but even though it’s only $5, I held back, and decided it wasn’t for me, and this band needed to take the back seat for a while until they brought me something more to the table. If that kind of music is in your taste (Paramore), I strongly recommend you buy, they add to the genre in only positive notes, and the final song in the album is a real good way to end the album.


Alternative – The Veils – Through the Deep, Dark Wood

The Indie of Old

The Indie of Old

Oh yes. Yes yes yes yes. Give me more like that. Ever listened to Starsailer or Turin Brakes? No? You should, and these guys reminded me of why I listen to this Alternative you speak of. Back in the day this was Indie, and the good kind without silly trousers and pointy shoes (OK so Alex Soprano still wears pointy shoes but I forgive you man). It reeks of that awesome style I loved so much about the older version of the genre and it feels great to listen to. I jumped straight to Time Stays, We Go and wanted more of this damn album. Maybe the UK is the only place that offers this kind of music, which is a shame, I see a lot of bands from the US and Australia that could totally pull this off. The vocals are particularly Alernative in nature, and it sounds incredibly well refined. I get halfway through listening to a song and find myself thinking “WAIT A MINUTE that wasn’t there the last time around I listened”, and hear a spontaneous clink of piano. I like the composition a great deal, and each song has an incredibly different way of playing compared to every other. It was about as suprising as a chance sexual encounter, and about as entertaining(OK that might’ve been an over statement, but you get the idea)

Did I buy it? – They’re good, they do the genre so much justice, but when you’ve listened to Starsailor, Turin Brakes, and and the likes as long as I have, nothing can quite compare to songs like Underdog and The Road. It was a pleasure to listen to, and I thank them for giving me more reason to love the genre.


Alltenative – Kari Harneshaug – Evil Spirit

Hidden in the cracks of Norway

Hidden in the cracks of Norway

I’m fairly certain I was not supposed to come across this. I went straight to the album page after listening to 7th Day Saviour(I was entirely intrigued by the sound I heard), and was greeted by walls of text I didnt understand. Simply put, I didn’t give a damn, because I liked what I heard when Evil Spirit came on, and then the next song, and then the next. Madness you say. It’s impossible to like an entire album, especially more difficult to listen to it in order! Wrong you are, the weird accent she has while singing the chorus of Pride just makes me love the music more. It’s got a bit of cheeky guitar playing in the background with the distortion whacked right up, despite it not even coming close to what you’d expect. The style matches her voice and song structure, and they hang out like the delicious green algae of a sloth(you should look that up some time). I spent most of my time between each album listening to Hozier and Samantha Church, so she had a lot to compare to, but Kari Harneshaug sets herself apart from everything. If you like a bit of dirty guitar and quality female Norwegian vocals(people look for that, you know?)

Did I buy it? – Not for 100 NOK, hell no, I went digital and got the album for 50 NOK, which is not half bad. I had a good bit of interest in this album, it was incredibly different.


Straight after this review I went and bought Samantha Church’s entire album. No Folk performers were hurt during this review(regrettably)


RCoon – your personal Shit Sieve



BandCamp #InjectedByMexican

I mentioned yesterday about getting freaky to some Mexican acoustic music, but I never wrote about it after being captivated by Atlantis Awaits a few other guys that caught my attention. Today I’m going to address that oversight and say a few good words about Rodrigo y Gabriela. I have yet to make my mind up about whether to carry on attempting to find something in the Metal section, when every other section offers me some actual enjoyment and sanity, but I still live in hope that the Metal genre I once knew as a child while listening to Robert Plant is still in some kind of existence somewhere. First Up, get your wooden crocks on and mixup the Mojitos.


Acoustic – Rodrigo y Gabriela – Hanuman

Feed me those twangs. Needs more twang.

Feed me those twangs. Needs more twang.

I usually spend most of my time in the acoustic section, because it offers so many things. This is one of the reasons I stay there so much, because guitar gods like these come around and jiggle my brain and make me want to pick up one of my many guitars and serenade my non-existent señorita. As I was fatefully trying to write out the reviews, I was listening to the whole 11:11 album and tapping my feet, bouncing my legs and wiggling my head around like a car adornment. Can you imagine that? Me on your dashboard with 11:11 playing in the background? I couldn’t imagine a more complete experience. I haven’t looked into these guys a great deal because I spent most of my time wondering if after 6 years of guitar playing I could possibly match this skill. By the sounds of things, and the looks of one of their pictures, it’s a two person band. Any more and I’d be having a severe overdose of acoustic running through my poor brain, fatigued from that genre I try so hard to believe in. I said before, guitar gods, and I’ll say it again and again until you listen to them, or at the very least take a listen to Hanuman. I found it so hard to choose a song from this album that stood out to me, but as Hanuman was the first I had heard, and made me want to listen to more, I think that takes the crown for successful marketing. I really don’t want to leave this album, but doing 4 song reviews in each post demands it of me.

Did I buy it? – I just got paid, of course I bought it. That being said, even if I had no money, I’d still buy it somehow. Even if you’re not into the Mexican Acoustic, I think a little taste of this album might even change your mind.


Rock – Grand Electric – Stormy Girl

Take me back to Scott Pilgrim...

Take me back to Scott Pilgrim…

I didn’t expect to like these guys straight away, even after the original guitar riffs, but they grew on me the more I listened to Stormy Girl. It got to the point where I fell in love with the genre they played up until the singer set “Get down!” at which point their dignity score dropped by 50 points. It’s OK guys, I forgive you, maybe you just weren’t in control of yourselves after you produced something so raw and yet sounded so clean. If I had to figure out the parent’s of this band, I’d say they probably had two dads, one being Jimmy Hendrix, the other being Jack White. I know some people will likely slaughter me for daring to measure these guys to Hendrix, but the sound of the guitar just reminds me of him. Granted the articulate guitar imagery isn’t there, but that’s where Jack White’s riff style comes in. By the standards of describing these guys in such a way, you know they’re not going to disappoint. I managed to make it from start to end of the album without getting bored. Each song brought something dirty and new to the table, made me feeling like eating more and washing myself at the same time. I hate it when my sandwich gets wet in the shower, unless it’s a Stormy Girl sandwich. In which case, take me to the hospital now.

Did I buy it? – Another wonderful band that produces something original and then says to you “Hey buddy, pay what you like, it’s OK”. Thank you kind sirs, I shall indeed pay for the experience Faking It brought me.


Metal – Volture – On the Edge

So bad they're good

So bad they’re good

I DID IT. Oh you would be so proud. I found a band in the Metal section that didn’t drive me insane, or entirely lack vocals because the kids can’t sing. These guys single handedly took me back to the childhood Metal days of Judas Priest, Manowar and a little AC/DC for good measure. This band is unadulterated fun with guitars and ridiculous old school vocals. I didn’t hear any screaming, any growling, any cries of pain after shaving for the first time, or any of that post-natal stuff. Admittedly I got bored of a few tracks after listening to the same crazy stuff for 2 or so minutes, but I jumped around between tracks and pretty much just laughed at the novelty of these guys. I’m sure they have fans who love the music to bits, but I skipped these guys and then came back to them, to show people that the Metal section isn’t entirely lost in the waves of desperation. Each track is rather well thought out, and at times the riffs and bridges and solos remind me of the Iron Maiden way of layering songs. Altogether a great band, but I couldn’t see myself following them until the ends of time like I do with Iron Maiden.

Did I buy it? – ‘Fraid not. These guys are great, but not the kind of thing I could see myself listening to every day on my travels. This album is $7, which is an average price I suppose, and I urge those people sick of the filth in the Metal section to experience my blast from the past.


Alternative – Hozier – Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene

Original enough to wear

Original enough to wear

I’m stuck between Take me to Church and the song I chose above. They’re both equally original, and altogether exceptionally original pieces of music. I chose this guy because he’s a fellow Irishman, and by god am I proud to have found this. Despite the repetitiveness of this song, I chose it because I enjoyed listening to his chorus over and over again. It gave me the urge to shout him on to continue on his adventures with making original music that doesn’t have the distinct smell of musical Oust(it destroys the creativity!). Each song is incredibly unique, though Like Real People Do didn’t catch my attention as well as the other two, and the live song featured at the end of the album wasn’t amazingly phenomenal either. That being said, he more than makes up for his average songs, with the remaining two that smell more of attitude than the usual partakers of Lambrinni on a Saturday night.  There really isn’t much to say about those two tracks, other than great appreciation for making the end of this review a positive ending note. I look forward to hearing more tracks from Hozier in the future, if fate wills it.

Did I buy it? It’s Pay what you Like, and I liked two of the four songs unconditionally. Take my money Mr Hozier, and bring me more songs like Codeine Scenes.


Unless something drastically changes within the Metal section, I doubt I will be doing much more sieving in there. I may make it up with another genre, but for now the few I’ve discovered have been more than abundant in promise. Until next time.


RCoon – Your personal Shit Sieve

BandCamp #SecondChanceWitches

After getting more than just a little irritated about the cost of The Witch Hunt’s second album(I wasn’t aware there was a first until this morning), I decidedly wandered around their BandCamp page looking for digital downloads on the cheap. They do have a digital download, but that is only available if you buy their damned album which isn’t released yet. Not only that, there’s only a certain amount available. Then I found out they had a single before that called Crawl. This single was equally as great as Army Man, but again, you had to pay £4 for a physical album (THAT I DIDN’T WANT), on order to get your digital download.

£4 for a single on BandCamp?! Are these guys sure of themselves or what? As said in the title, I gave them a second chance when I discovered Crawl Single.

Rock – The Witch Hunt – Crawl

Must... Not... Buy! I broke.

Must… Not… Buy! I broke.

So I started listening and then I got pretty much as sandy as I’m gonna get. Not only is Crawl a great song, it’s much better than the previous track I had listened to from their new album. For the love of my life I do not quite understand why this is in the Rock section of BandCamp, maybe I’m just old a cynical about musical genres, but this struck me as a more alternative kind of track. Guys, just because a band uses a guitar or two with more than just straight strummed chords, does not automatically make it Rock. With that said, the guitar is so good, it creeps me out. In fact this song is so creepy and haunting, it reminds me of the talented Mr McRae. Granted it’s not acoustic, but the female vocals and minor notes on the guitar are the kind of thing that tickles my brain in bad places(in a good way). I couldn’t help but listen and pray and hope the song would progress into something powerful, but it didn’t, though in all honesty, I wasn’t disappointed. They maintained the feel of the song the whole way through and captivated my attention. There is one part within the chorus that sounds like they chose the wrong note for the harmony between guitar and vocals, but after listening over and over again, they do it on purpose, and with great fervour. Louisa Osborn’s voice is now trapped in my head, repeating that chorus and I can’t get it out. How do I stop this?

Oh that’s right. With the next artist…

Did I buy it? – £4 is a bit much to ask for, but you get a physical copy I suppose. That’s how I justified it to myself anyway, though New Born’s album cost me a mere $2. But I broke. It had to be mine

Alternative Progressive – Cloudkicker – From the Balcony

We require more arpeggios

We require more arpeggios

Ever seen a man make love to a guitar for five years? Neither have I, but I’m certain Ben Sharp(Cloudkicker) did it. And my, did he do it well. From the Balcony is one of his pieces from the Fade album, and he has many others. On his page I was directed by the comments to this song, and I can clearly see why. I put this guy under the Alternative Progressive genre, because it isn’t rock, and it definitely isn’t metal. It’s probably more like an instrumental, but people tend to associate that with orchestra’s(because they’re retards). When you hear progressive, you think basic, all the way to advanced. This guy does it the opposite way in Fade. You’re instantly hit with these notes that pierce your ears, then another layer of guitar gets dropped on along with a generous serving of bass. Then another layer gets dropped on top. And then yet another layer gets smothered across it. More layers I tell you, MORE! The riffs in this piece are relatively simple but incredibly well thought out. The guy is more talented than most of the bands around his age. By the end of the song you’re left with some gentle riffs after all that crazy progression, but I couldn’t help but wish that this guy had somebody like Myles Kennedy to do vocals over these guitar riffs. That would have been the highlight of my BandCamp experience, but sadly it never came to pass. While I love the guitar skill, in each and every song, and the feelings in them all, I just didn’t think I could bring myself to listening to all of his albums over a long period of time. If you need chillout music for some background, this guy is a real head turner, but I’m pretty ADHD when it comes to music, and get real bored, real fast.

Did I buy it? – Sorry Ben, I feel like a terrible person. I did not. To those that love guitar skill and progression, please do buy his album, and all the rest. It’s Pay what you Like, and maximum respect for that.

Acoustic Blues – Samantha Church – Sit and Wait

Stop stealing my smiles

Stop stealing my smiles

So I was sat at this part of the review, while sifting through the acoustic section for something. I was in two minds about a couple of artists I had listened to, and had temporarily got injected by Mexican awesomeness when I randomly decided to click on this album. Samantha Church’s voice literally brought a smile to my face within the first 30 seconds of hearing this song. She plays both Banjo and Mandolin while singing her Blues songs, which I can’t help but say, did not make me feel the Blues at all. In fact, these songs were a real upbeat change from the rest of the kids on the block. There’s nothing advanced or complicated about the backing instruments, just good old fashioned lyrics with a voice good enough to punch your teeth out, and keep you smiling all the while. This album is actually very new, and has only been out since September, and is her first as far as I’m aware. I certainly hope this isn’t the last I hear of her, because both Sit and Wait and Can’t Complain were enough for me to instantly consider buying to support this artist. I was more than a little surprised at how much I liked her music, considering my usual musical tastes, but this was certainly worth my time. I’m almost certain her voice alone would have guaranteed her a place into pop music, but I for one was glad she stuck with her banjo(oh there is so much wrong with that phrasing), and fed us our much needed fill.

Did I buy it? – Surprisingly no. There are a great many songs in this album, but not all of them gave me the same feeling. Instead I bought two of her songs for $1 each, and was more than pleased with myself. Do give her album a listen!

Rock(Should be Metal) – Atlantis Awaits – Rebirth

Aussie's in the wrong genre

Aussie’s in the wrong genre

So I listened to approximately 300-350 songs in the Metal section in hopes of finding something that didn’t suck colossally. I was intent on bringing you at least one song from the Metal section each day, but you’d be amazed how saturated the genre is with shite people playing shite guitar. Also angry screaming people. There are lots of those too. So I wandered back to the rock section and saw this random album cover that reminded me slightly of Pink Floyd and then all of a sudden I’m listening to Metal from the Rock section with actual taste and quality in the music. There’s a little male screamo in background, but the main vocals of Tegan are a breath of fresh air from 300 tracks of mind numbing, excruciating teenage hormonal pain. The whole album as actually really easy to listen to, none of the tracks are overbearing in any way, and most of the members know their craft pretty well. It doesn’t sound like anyone is trying overly hard to say “Look at me, see how I play, bow to my power chord skills and tight pants!”. I was thoroughly impressed as I listened from Letters in Wonderland all the way to the final song The Angel. It’s an exceptional album from a seemingly well known band, as some further research showed the music produced from this band has been in some kind of award setting in some place important, but I care not of the band’s fame! Give me more Rock like this please world, I can work with this, I can tenderise it between my ears without feeling like I need to wash off the spit from the vocals afterwards.

Did I buy it? – I was a little reluctant. These guys are asking for $12 for the album. Under Pop circumstances, most people would pay that much, but this is BandCamp guys, why can’t you be easy on my wallet as well as my ears? I wasn’t keen, but I bit the pillow and took it like a champ. $12 Aussie dollars well spent.

I really don’t look forward to finding any Metal tomorrow, but I’ll do my very best to find something decent. Most of the pages were dominated by Cloudkicker(and rightfully so!), in the end I went back to the Rock section, and probably will in future.

RCoon – Your personal Shit Sieve